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Click Swiftly to the Swivet (But Don’t Panic!)

I have recently discovered The Swivet. It is the blog of one Colleen Lindsay, a self-styled “unrepentant nerd” and a literary agent with FinePrint Literary Management.

I am posting the link to her blog since it’s a lot easier than re-posting every link she posts to Global Spin.

In fact, I would like to submit a motion to include Colleen as an honorary member of the Global Spin geek freak squad. She’s lived in San Francisco, has a link to XKCD on her blog and posts things like this and this. So, just a humble suggestion to read her blog, folks.

now with more iPhone goodness

iPhoney screenshotIf you’re browsing the site on an iPhone (insert pretentious comments here), you might notice our new look tailored for that device’s web-browsing experience. (See example screenshot at left.) This is all thanks to the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme, which makes it incredibly simple to add an iPhone-specific theme to the site. And boy does it look purty! Now I just need to customize it a bit so it matches the look and feel of the regular theme.