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Legacy available for pre-order

Legacy: A Novel by Kerrigan ValentineIt’s almost here! Kerrigan’s new novel Legacy is now available for pre-order, or immediate purchase if you’re lucky enough to live in Madison:

Due to a problem with the distributor (Book World), the Amazon release date has been pushed back to June 1, 2007. However, if you want the book NOW and would also like to support an independent book store, check out A Room of One’s Own in Madison, Wisconsin.

You can either pre-order it from from, order it directly from the distributor, or bug your friendly local to carry it or order it for you. (Tip: the ISBN is 0976060469.) I can’t wait to get mine!

The Uncomfortable Reality of Sex in Space

Wired News posted commentary by Regina Lynn called The Uncomfortable Reality of Sex in Space, which asks intriguing questions about the social realities of long space voyages:

I don’t care if you have a same-sex crew of great-grandparents who have never had a flicker of sexual desire in their entire lives. Lock a group of humans into a ship, sail them through space and time, and it won’t take long for that deep, ancient need for touch and intimacy to surface.

She also provides some thought-provoking solutions:

If NASA invites me to take part in discussions about sexual standards in space — it could happen — I will suggest sending all candidates into the adult internet for a year… Online, astronauts (and their partners, if they have any) can learn how to deal with sexual situations similar to those they will face in space, with one important difference: an escape hatch.

It’s a fascinating (and entertaining) piece, definitely worth reading.

site updates ahoy!

I’m hoping to give Global Spin a bit of a refresh over the next [mumble mumble time period], so don’t be alarmed if you see sudden changes or other odd behavior.  For those who are interested in such things, I’ll be:

  • switching to a nicer site theme based on Peaceful Rush
  • upgrading to WordPress 2.2 (with extra goodness)
  • adding contributor pages (like this early example)

…but not necessarily in that order.  I’ll post another update when some or all of it is finished and ready to be praised.

America’s “Next Public Radio Star” Visits the Rodeo

By way of Jaime:

A dear friend of mine has just entered a contest called “The Search for the Next Public Radio Star.”  I realize this is a bit of an oxymoron, but suffice it to say that there is definitely a subculture (of which I am a member) in which working on public radio makes you a star.  The contest involves an online version of a ‘demo tape’ to display the entrant’s humor, professionalism, and on-air talent.  Jenny’s entry takes us to the rodeo, for one of the most dangerous contests this side of the neighborhood jungle gym.  Please take a listen and vote big for Jenny Weddel, America’s Next Public Radio Star:

Naptime Comes to the Rodeo

The danger. The cowboys. The glitter. We all have an idea of what a rodeo entails. But there’s a little-known rodeo event filled with chaos, tears, and mud on the face.