Monthly Archives: May 2005

Oh, happy place

Glen and I found Good Goods over the weekend and thought it was wonderful. We spent the evening in Saugatuck, West Michigan’s artsy/gay/alternative community and between rain showers we hit the galleries. Karen, Good Goods features one of the artists who did a room in that hotel in Iowa we stopped at. At which we stopped. Anyway….

p.s. Loved the Bruce Baughman Gallery too….

adventures of governor flash

Can’t figure out how to solve real problems? Take a tip from the Governator: “make up your own problem and solve it”: as a little pick-me-up.


Thing one

I have a new favorite thing to think about: chimerism. The Discovery Health Channel ran this documentary last week:

I Am My Own Twin – Thursday, May 19, 10-11m e/p In this riveting documentary, cameras follow the stories of individuals who were born with an extraordinarily rare condition. Sometimes in early pregnancy, two embryos fuse together creating one fetus in the womb resulting in a baby with two distinct sets of DNA. In the most severe cases, this can result in a person who is half black and half white, has different colored eyes, and has split male and female genitals. These babies are called Chimeras, after the Greek mythological being who is a hybrid of three different life forms.

What I want to know is how do people who believe human life begins at conception deal with two fertilized eggs becoming one person?

evolution update

A county in Georgia is following a court order to “remove evolution ‘disclaimers’ from science textbooks”: . I’m glad to hear that, because it indicates that someone, somewhere is being a bit more reasonable about this.

For those looking for more science ammo in this fight, Scientific American has an excellent list of “answers to creationist nonsense”: It answers the most common creationist (or “Intelligent Design”) misconceptions in a clear, decisive fashion. Yay, science!

*UPDATE*: Scientific American seems to have moved the article behind their Wall of Subscription, so here are a couple “alternate”: “links”: if you’re still interested in reading the whole thing.