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socially-conscious clothing

Nate sent me two links that you might be interested in.  First comes Capsters, culturally sensitive sportswear for Muslim women:

Created by young Dutch designer Cindy van den Bremen, Capsters are sleek head coverings made from comfortable, stretchy fabrics… Covering a woman’s head and neck as stipulated by Islamic or cultural tradition, they make it possible for women to participate in sports and physical activities without having to worry about their headscarves shifting.

Of more interest to me personally are TOMS Shoes,  socially-conscious footwear that are taking the LA fashion scene by storm:

Not just casual chic slip-ons that were spotted all over L.A. this summer, TOMS Shoes give new meaning to ‘two for the price of one’. For each pair purchased (USD 38), TOMS gives a pair to a disadvantaged child in South America. Materials and shoes are produced and manufactured in Argentina under strict ‘no sweatshop’ guidelines, ensuring fair labor practices and minimal impact on the environment.

Good to hear about these things.  Perhaps my dream of a Whole-Foods-like clothing store is getting closer to feasibility…