Monthly Archives: November 2003

Science Fix

If you need a quick read about where we stand on some of the major scientific issues of our time, The New York Times has recently put out the 25th Anniversiary Edition of Science Times in which they “pose 25 of the most provocative questions facing science.” Some of them I do not think should be on the list, but nevertheless, there are others that mosty definitely should, with decent, succinct responses.

The site requires you to create an account with a username and password to gain access to the otherwise free content. I’ve had mine for years without any more trouble, though. Click on the big question mark if you only want the questions.

Fur Pete’s Sake!

I’m angry! Remember back in the early 90s when everyone was against using real fur in fashion and used faux fur and it was cool? And then there was a backlash in the mid-90s (which resulted in part in me having a letter published in the mag in response to Vogue’s stupid editor, Anna Wintour’s comment that she didn’t understand how meat-eaters could be anti-fur)…. Well, now things are going about how you’d expect, with an increasing demand for the fur of endangered species. And this is not good. Angry angry angry angry! STUPID people!!!!