Monthly Archives: December 2004

where old Apples go to die

…or “yet another reason to buy a Mac”. Over the past few years, Apple has set up a “hardware recycling program”: for old computers. If you send your old Mac to them, they’ll disassemble it and recycle the parts, diverting up to 90% from the landfill. If you live in Cupertino, they’ll even take your old PCs.

The program has been very successful, recycling hundreds of tons of materials each year. The Apple site has a fascinating “recycling flow diagram”: which shows where all that stuff ends up.

Happy Solstice!

Today is the Winter Solstice! Sit back, have a hot beverage, listen to some music, and enjoy these two stories, one “true”: and one “fanciful”:

From all of us Radcliffs to all of you Global Spin readers and authors, we hope you have a wonderful holiday.