Monthly Archives: August 2004

Axis of Eve

Now “that’s”: what I’m talkin’ about! Anyone who creates “Panties with a Purpose”: is all right by me.

Perhaps they should coordinate with Barlow’s “DanceMob”: and really shake things up. So to speak.


As cynical as I am about the post-PATRIOT government, I was still shocked to hear that “the Justice Department redacted this line”: from an ACLU court filing:

_”The danger to political dissent is acute where the Government attempts to act under so vague a concept as the power to protect ‘domestic security.’ Given the difficulty of defining the domestic security interest, the danger of abuse in acting to protect that interest becomes apparent.”_

So, they abused “domestic security” privileges to remove a Supreme Court statement condemning the very same abuse of privilege.

I have no response to that…