Another reason to buy a Mac…

…["the price":]. It’s a real Apples-to-apples comparison between comparable Dell (sorry, Jaime) and Apple offerings, based solely on price. (Can you spot the one flawed point?)

Some “feedback”: on the article pointed out one flaw in his reasoning, something I spotted but couldn’t articulate to myself. He says that Dell offers “just a monitor” but that Apple offers some kind of wonder-display. The Apple displays are great, but the Dell 20″ really is both cheaper and more versatile, feature-wise. The flaw in the flaw? Dell doesn’t offer 23″ or 30″ models at all, and someone looking to do HD cinema work would need that 30″ to display a full frame.

Oh, and there’s the other argument, that one could buy a complete computer from Dell for $500, while the cheapest eMac would cost $800. I could also buy a “C64 for $10″:, but that doesn’t mean it’s useful for anything.