Monthly Archives: July 2005

bag end it ain’t

It had to happen eventually… the world’s first “Hobbit motel”: has opened in New Zealand. They got the turf roof and round windows right, but somehow I don’t think Bilbo would like the interior so… white.

Coulter: “We have the media now!”

What? The media is not liberal? My own little brother (he’s 32, okay, and over 6 feet tall, but he’s my little brother) heard Ann Coulter make this interesting proclamation on the Sean Hannity show. He posted about it on Democratic Underground, and his post was eventually picked up by Crooks and Liars! And finally someone connected to Crooks and Liars put up this link to the Coulter audio.

And I am his proud, leftie big sis! You go get Ann, little bro’!