Monthly Archives: September 2003

Does Religion Hold Back Science?

That’s the argument made by the Michigan Freethought group. As evidence, one member pointed out this article about recent work restoring a palimpsest to its original form. Seems the scrolls held copies of a bunch of Archimedes’ treatises and calculations originally, but some monks saw fit to rub and scrape those out and replace them with prayers in Greek. But with modern imaging techniques, we’re getting it all back now… Yay!

Update on CIA Operative’s Exposure

Back on August 27, I quoted Al Franken, who said, “Joe Wilson, the former Gabon ambassador, was sent to Niger by the CIA and came back and said the uranium claims weren’t true. And when the controversy started broiling again about the 16 words in the State of the Union address and Wilson wrote the piece in New York Times, senior administration officials blew the cover on his wife, who was a covert [CIA] operative.”

It took a while, but this is finally being investigated. Should be interesting….