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And now for the ranting.

I would like to be as sophisticated as Chris, and as brief, but I can’t. So I’ll start with “AAAaargh!” I understand that the Vatican is all about tradition. I understand that homosexuality is a touchy subject for them, especially as it’s turning out that many “celibate” priests are not, and at the expense of kids who are at a severe power disadvantage. Still, the Pope gets to make rules for Catholics, because that’s how the system works. I accept that. BUT…

Now the Vatican thinks that it gets to make rules for everyone, even you and me. So everyone “committed to promoting and defending the common good of society” (which I actually THOUGHT included me), whether Catholic or not, is supposed to oppose homosexual marriage, and not just that, but any legislation that would give gay couples the same rights as married couples.

“Why?” you may ask. Go ahead, ask. Okay, I’ll play Pope and explain. See, kids, homosexuality violates something called “natural moral law.” God, who is omnipotent, didn’t intend for there to be homosexuality. Humans are sinful creatures with free will, and homosexuality is just a terrible perversion of what God wanted, but since we can do what we want, it sometimes happens.

If our all-powerful God intended there to be homosexuality, there would be homosexual animals, right? See, animals don’t have free will, they HAVE to follow God’s laws. And since there are no verified examples of homosexual behavior among, say, oh, I don’t know… penguins, bonobo chimps, whales, giraffes, rodents, geese or bears… (These are NOT just random examples.) …then homosexuality must be unnatural, right? And a violation of this “natural moral law,” right?

Our friends the Italians are fighting the good fight, though, with great protest signs like “Democracy, yes. Theocracy, no.” and are comparing the Vatican to the Taliban. The Italians literally have Vatican City surrounded, so we can hope. And pray.

I told Chris he’d regret this…

See, the thing is, I find weird stuff out there. And then I want to share it for some unknown reason. And my current obsession is with Pirates of the Caribbean. So I took a test to find out which of the characters’ unhealthy fetishes I am. And… As it turns out…

Ragetti's Dress Fetish
You are….

Ragetti’s dress fetish. Okay, so you like dressing
up. Frilly things are fun! There’s no shame in
being who you are, and you DO look rather
fetching in that strawberry number. Oh yes, and
you encourage your friends to come along.
After all, no one likes to look ODD, do they?

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character’s Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
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Skip to the loo, my darlin’!

Back in 1995, I went to France for the first time, all by my lonesome. I was there for three weeks and was terribly homesick. Near the end of my voyage I treated myself to a day at Disneyland Paris. It was great, but what I really loved were the restrooms on Main St. After weeks of “Turkish toilets” and dank, dirty cabinets you had to pay 2F to even open, I was thrilled to be in a large, spacious restroom with bright lights, air conditioning, paper seat covers and Disney muzak. I was home!

Turns out I’m not the only person with a thing for that special Disney experience.
Mouse Planet has a special section devoted to rating all the powder rooms in the park. It’s called
The Happiest Potties on Earth. They’re arranged by “land” and even include “Club 33.”

An honest, fabulous person

Bush Accepts Blame for African Uranium Charge

Bush is taking responsibility for lying about the whole uranium/Iraq thing. But we’re not to blame Condy Rice at all. In fact, Bush says of her, “Dr. Condoleezza Rice is an honest, fabulous person and America is lucky to have her service, period.”

This sounds perfectly fair, except that according to my Webster’s II, “fabulous” means both “of the nature of a fable or myth” and “barely credible.” Bush’s subconscious is starting to play on him, perhaps?

A test

This is Chris; I’m adding Deana to the system so she can fill in some of these long, boring gaps with fun things.