I told Chris he’d regret this…

See, the thing is, I find weird stuff out there. And then I want to share it for some unknown reason. And my current obsession is with Pirates of the Caribbean. So I took a test to find out which of the characters’ unhealthy fetishes I am. And… As it turns out…

Ragetti's Dress Fetish
You are….

Ragetti’s dress fetish. Okay, so you like dressing
up. Frilly things are fun! There’s no shame in
being who you are, and you DO look rather
fetching in that strawberry number. Oh yes, and
you encourage your friends to come along.
After all, no one likes to look ODD, do they?

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character’s Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
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5 thoughts on “I told Chris he’d regret this…

  1. Ha! I regret nothing. So there!

    Of course, my ‘result’ was odd:

    You are…. Gibbs’s liquor fetish. Not an alcholic, no. This goes beyond that. You’re willing to drink something that was FIRED at you from a CANNON. Liquor, be it rum, burbon, whiskey, rum, beer, ale, whatver, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, just tipping the flask is a good feeling. Yeahhh.

  2. You are…. Barbossa’s apple fetish. You reeeeallly like apples, and who can blame you?? I mean, seriously, ten years, thinking about one fruit. Well, it’s either dedication or insanity. You get all tingly, thinking about apples, doncha? They sure are good, man, I wish I had one right now…. We’ll be hopin’ for the best.

    Welcome, Deana! I’m feeling all tingly already.

  3. That’s funny; I watched Mystery Men again last night, and Geoffrey Rush’s character (Casanova Frankenstein) was obsessed with apples in that as well.

    I guess he’s just good at glaring lasciviously at an apple…

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