Skip to the loo, my darlin’!

Back in 1995, I went to France for the first time, all by my lonesome. I was there for three weeks and was terribly homesick. Near the end of my voyage I treated myself to a day at Disneyland Paris. It was great, but what I really loved were the restrooms on Main St. After weeks of “Turkish toilets” and dank, dirty cabinets you had to pay 2F to even open, I was thrilled to be in a large, spacious restroom with bright lights, air conditioning, paper seat covers and Disney muzak. I was home!

Turns out I’m not the only person with a thing for that special Disney experience.
Mouse Planet has a special section devoted to rating all the powder rooms in the park. It’s called
The Happiest Potties on Earth. They’re arranged by “land” and even include “Club 33.”