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Bush Accepts Blame for African Uranium Charge

Bush is taking responsibility for lying about the whole uranium/Iraq thing. But we’re not to blame Condy Rice at all. In fact, Bush says of her, “Dr. Condoleezza Rice is an honest, fabulous person and America is lucky to have her service, period.”

This sounds perfectly fair, except that according to my Webster’s II, “fabulous” means both “of the nature of a fable or myth” and “barely credible.” Bush’s subconscious is starting to play on him, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “An honest, fabulous person

  1. It’s interesting that most stories are spinning this as “Bush Accepts Blame”. I have yet to see any statement of his that accepts any blame or real responsibility.

    Instead, he said things like, “I take personal responsibility for everything I say, of course.” That’s it. That’s the only line in a multi-page transcript that mentions anything about responsibility. (Transcript:

    It’s like apologizing by saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” It’s not an acknowledgement of wrongdoing, it’s a roundabout way of saying that your concern has been noted and rejected. He didn’t say, “I said something that was untrue,” or, “My decision to say that was wrong.” So, this wasn’t progress, it was just deflection.

    /rant off

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