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first images of SpaceShipTwo, inside and out

Gizmodo has posted the first images of SpaceShipTwo, the ship being built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic flights starting next year.  (Ships, rather.  The VSS Enterprise is the first to be named, but a total of five are on order.)  It’ll hold two pilots and six space tourists, with big comfy seats (for soft landings after weightlessness) and sizeable portholes for earth viewing.  From the images released so far, it’s going to be just as beautiful as SpaceShipOne.  Perhaps moreso, because this time I can picture myself inside one…

help out a fellow space geek

UPDATE: It worked! Here’s the latest:

It is official, Kayla won the contest and the title of NASA’s Greatest Fan! Thank you for all your votes. We don’t have all the details yet, but we’re off to (hopefully) see the shuttle launch!

Excited beyond words,

See the original post below:

From Jennifer, a Global Spin reader and my teammate from Space Camp:

Since I am not a US citizen, I couldn’t enter a contest to win the title of ‘NASA’s greatest fan’ but my friend Kayla did, and she made it to the finals. The prize – a trip for two (her and I) to Florida to watch the space shuttle launch! You all know it’s my life-long dream to see a launch, so make it a reality and vote! Vote lots – the more votes the merrier, and there is no limit!

vote for ‘Mars Mates Forever’ by Kayla

You heard her, folks. Vote early and often. Show the raw power of the Global Spin!

The site is a bit wonky to navigate, but you can watch any of the videos and then click “Vote for your favorite” to go to the voting ‘survey’. ‘Mars Mates Forever’ is the one with the photo of two flight-suit-clad adventurers looking defiantly skyward. It seems to allow you to vote as many times as you wish, so click it a couple dozen times for good measure.