Monthly Archives: April 2005

opportunity is stuck

Opportunity, one of the Mars Exploration Rovers, has gotten “stuck on a sand dune”: and it’s not certain that they’ll be able to free it. (All six wheels are pretty “deeply buried”:

I’m sure they’ll think of something and the Little Rover That Could will be on its way. Still, send good vibes to Opportunity whenever you can.

wanted: mayor

Whew! That caught me by surprise. How was I to know that the “mayor of San Diego resigning”: would be national news?

My favorite part:

_”Councilman Michael Zucchet, the city’s deputy mayor, will become acting mayor. Zucchet, who faces a federal trial next month for allegedly accepting bribes from the owner of a strip club, defended the mayor as an honorable man whose resignation took courage.”_

I’m relieved to know the city will be in good hands.