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Family Vacation?

We should all go to Kernie’s Family Park in Germany, mostly because it’s built on the site of an abandoned (never used) nuclear power station. Where else can you free-climb a cooling tower? The site is in German and Dutch only. Sorry.

An actual quote: Hey Kids, eine echt unglaubliche Geschichte!

Happy Earth Day!

Well, it’s Friday, April 22nd that is the official Earth Day, but I figure it’s good to celebrate the whole week. So here are some friendly tips on better environmental living.

I still have trouble with #22, though. I suck at getting it right the first time . . .

because reading is fundamental(ist)

The blogosphere is (justifiably) all a-twitter because Ross Mayfield was told that “air passengers are only allowed a maximum of two books on flights”: starting April 14.

The problem isn’t a matter of 2 (or 4) books, of course. That’s just one silly example. The real issue is this note on the “Transportation Security Administration”: site:

_To ensure everyone’s security the screener may determine that an item not on this chart is prohibited._

Note that there’s no mention of how to challenge (or even report) a mistaken declaration, either at the time or after the fact. So, if the _ahem_ well-trained and capable TSA staff decide that your knitting needles or eyeglass screwdriver are _verboten_ (which they “aren’t”:, then you have no recourse but to give them up. (Chant with me, everyone: “unreasonable… searches… and seizures…”:

our bold atomic future blah blah blah

WorldChanging has a good overview of the “arguments for and against nuclear power”: as a solution to the current (and near future) oil/global warming/environment crisis. My personal view is that nuclear power can be useful in a few isolated cases, but improving efficiency and developing distributed alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal) is a better use of our time and effort.

Oh, if only we could harness the mighty power of Internet debate!