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invisible fools


You might notice that Global Spin has a flavor today. You might even say there’s a hint of something feline. Well, you’d be correct.

Do not adjust your set. We have control of the language and the grammar. And we have a cheeseburger.

Update April 2: If you didn’t see the site yesterday, this may not make sense. All articles (including past posts and comments) were translated into LOLspeak by the excellent TFS LOLcat plugin for WordPress. So basically the whole site didn’t make sense, and this post fit right in.

a tale told by a chicken, full of sound and fury

So you may have wondered why I’m so busy at work these days. Well, here’s the deal:

Eventful, Inc., the leading global events service, announced today that it would cease the operation of its popular Web site on May 1st in favor of next-generation interface Twitter, provided by Obvious Corporation of San Francisco. Twitter is a service which allows users to get instant update messages (“tweets”) from friends via SMS, instant messenger, Web, or by way of a number of custom desktop clients.

Once the commitment was made, it was surprisingly quick work to adapt the Eventful API to the new platform. Development of the Twitter-based service, dubbed Eventful Chicken, took just over a week to reach the public beta stage, including event search, recommendations, watchlists, reminders, and Eventful Demand (renamed “I wish they’d come here”). The service can be previewed currently at

There’s more, but you get the idea. Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m too tired to comment intelligently.