Monthly Archives: July 2003

My car has arrived… again

Just in time to fill in for Corbin Motors, a new car company in Spokane has started producing the Tango, a half-lane 2-seater electric vehicle that gets 80 miles per charge and has a top speed of 130 mph. The Seattle Times has a great story about the car’s development. It looks like the price will be about $80,000 unfortunately, but hopefully that’ll make it’s way down to something reasonable in time for me to pick one up…

83 Calories an hour

Here’s something random: a person who categorized everything he ate by calorie content, then compiled a sorted list with pictures. It’s worth reading for the bizarre meal choices (like hot dog water) and humorous notes on each meal, like:

Coke (without ice) contains 1,493 kilocalories per gallon, Gasoline (without ice) contains 31,000 kilocalories per gallon, so the energy density of gasoline is 20 times greater than Coca-cola.

Um, yeah. Just like that.

Time to Act

I usually don’t ask you to do much. This site is more of an ongoing rant than an attempt at persuasion. However, if you’re concerned about the intelligence that was presented in support of going to war with Iraq, please consider signing MoveOn’s petitiion to support an independent investigation into WMD evidence.

Online petitions usually aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, but MoveOn has the right idea. They get real volunteers to print out names and addresses and physically deliver petitions to your local Congressperson. This kind of personal interaction has already been shown to work, and MoveOn has the numbers to make representatives sit up and take notice.

OK, end of plea. Do what you can.