83 Calories an hour

Here’s something random: a person who categorized everything he ate by calorie content, then compiled a sorted list with pictures. It’s worth reading for the bizarre meal choices (like hot dog water) and humorous notes on each meal, like:

Coke (without ice) contains 1,493 kilocalories per gallon, Gasoline (without ice) contains 31,000 kilocalories per gallon, so the energy density of gasoline is 20 times greater than Coca-cola.

Um, yeah. Just like that.

3 thoughts on “83 Calories an hour

  1. Oh my God, he filled an ice cream cone with chunky peanut butter! That’s a lot of peanut butter. I’m both attracted and repulsed…

  2. This guy seems to have lots of funny stuff on his site. In the ‘Incredible Stuff I Made’ section, check out ‘Fire without Matches’ (where he tries for a week to light fire using the Tom Hanks/Castaway method) and ‘Paparazzi Costume’ (where he ingeniously creates a Halloween costume that I’m thinking about stealing).

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