Monthly Archives: August 2004

Sweet, sweet candy

Ever wonder what “evaporated cane juice”: really is? (If you’ve never seen the term before, it’s generally listed in the ingredients of natural foods instead of sugar.) I originally thought, “Wait a minute… that’s just sugar!” Kind of, but most sugar “isn’t vegan”: because of the way it’s processed. So it’s not as different as “stevia”:, but it’s still something to watch for.

(Sorry, these things cross my mind when I’m drinking tea.)

Travelling with tots

I just (re)discovered that a flight to Barcelona from San Diego would take 14 hours. The flight back from Milan would take 16, and neither is counting the extra time due to security, check-in, and delays. Even the 7-hour flight to Hawaii was a challenge for Ben. Luckily, the Berkeley Parents Network has a really informative page on “surviving long flights with small children”: