Travelling with tots

I just (re)discovered that a flight to Barcelona from San Diego would take 14 hours. The flight back from Milan would take 16, and neither is counting the extra time due to security, check-in, and delays. Even the 7-hour flight to Hawaii was a challenge for Ben. Luckily, the Berkeley Parents Network has a really informative page on “surviving long flights with small children”:

2 thoughts on “Travelling with tots

  1. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, it’s worth a crying baby. Your fellow passengers will recover, and you’ll be happy as hell in beautiful Barcelona!

    By the way, I saw what was basically “A Traveler’s Story” depicted in a recent Acura commercial….bastards!

  2. I actually think Ben will do very well, even on a long flight. He was quiet on the Hawaii flights even when he was unhappy, so mostly it’s a matter of helping him get through the experience. He’s getting much more comfortable with travelling now that he can entertain himself or interact with us in indirect ways.

    Ha, I’d like to see that Acura commercial. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

    Oh, and the “original story”: is on the site if anyone cares what I’m mumbling about. Just scroll down a bit.

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