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I am so, so sorry. But I found a reference to this on this morning, and when I saw it, I had to share. Think scary, scary Japanese anime cats for consumerist girls. This led me to the truly painful main site, where there are references to Catz, Dogz, and Foxz (sic). This is horrible, yet a part of me is thinking, oh, that is SO Yeti!

traditional irish snog

Mike came up with a tasty combo this weekend: Silk Nog and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The best part is that if you squint when reading the labels you could consider it “good for you”. For those of you who are recipe-impaired, here’s a run-down:

8 oz. Silk Nog (the “‘snog’”:, aka soy nog)
1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream (the “Irish”, aka “what we had in the cabinet”)
Blend until blended. Drink until -drunk- done.
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mayoral wraiths

It’s nice to know that San Diego is becoming known for “something politically positive”:,14259,1375959,00.html instead of “the usual”:

2004 science highlights

_Scientific proof that water once flowed on Mars has been “voted the breakthrough of the year”: according to journal Science._

Runners-up included _Homo floresiensis_, human embryo clones, and declining diversity. Yay, scientists!

robot masters update

Honda is working on the “next generation ASIMO humanoid robot”:, and their early progress is pretty exciting. ASIMO can run (if only at 3kph), shake hands (thanks to new sensors), avoid obstacles, and cock its head as though to ask, “Why do I only have a 1-hour battery?”

The Honda ASIMO site has “video clips of the research model”: — pretty impressive stuff.