traditional irish snog

Mike came up with a tasty combo this weekend: Silk Nog and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The best part is that if you squint when reading the labels you could consider it “good for you”. For those of you who are recipe-impaired, here’s a run-down:

8 oz. Silk Nog (the “‘snog’”:, aka soy nog)
1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream (the “Irish”, aka “what we had in the cabinet”)
Blend until blended. Drink until -drunk- done.

Advanced recipes:

2nd glass:
a glass of snog
a splash of Bailey’s
another splash to fill the glass and then you drink it

5nd glass:
lasta the snog
resta the Bealy’s ahaha the Bailey’s ha thankyou

nother glaz:
more bargle. Beagle. B-ahaha. Ballyer. Whisky. Now.

2 thoughts on “traditional irish snog

  1. The recipe for the fifth glass sounds a lot like the recipe Karen and I used for the fourth round of hurricanes that one night….lovah!

  2. 8:1 ratio? Oh! By the time I mixed my glass, the snog was nearly gone and I had to make the rest of the glass up with Bailey’s, for something like a 2:1 ratio. Does that explain anything that happened later?

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