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Textiles can do good, doing well

Just when you were beginning to think that it would never do anyone any good, voting with your dollar makes a difference. An effort by textile companies and the government of Lesotho has brought the textile industry back from near disaster to near fighting strength again, in large part thanks to the “government… working hard to become a destination of ethical choice”. Makes you renew your faith in checking labels.

Buying Blue

Check out It keeps track of the political donations of various corporations, helping consumers spend their money at places that support rather than oppose their liberal politics. Not that anyone here would be interested….

p.s. vague sense that this may have been posted before… am I hallucinating?

Oh, happy place

Glen and I found Good Goods over the weekend and thought it was wonderful. We spent the evening in Saugatuck, West Michigan’s artsy/gay/alternative community and between rain showers we hit the galleries. Karen, Good Goods features one of the artists who did a room in that hotel in Iowa we stopped at. At which we stopped. Anyway….

p.s. Loved the Bruce Baughman Gallery too….