Monthly Archives: May 2007

Legacy has arrived!

As you all know, Kerrigan is having her book Legacy published on May 18, 2007. Yesterday, our ten copies arrived and I thought y’all might want to get a first look:

Legacy front
This would be the front cover in the vineyard outside my office at about 6:00 am this morning (isn’t it beautiful?!?).

Binding of Legacy Back cover of Legacy

Here are the side and back views.

Legacy open
Look, you can even open it! It’s so strange to see it on a printed page rather than a computer screen.

Anyway, Legacy will be available soon! If you’d like to see Kerrigan at a book store near you, jump over here and demand it!

A Greener Apple

Steve Jobs released a statement today (A Greener Apple) that thoughtfully and simply summarizes progress Apple has made in improving the environmental footprint of its products.  The letter covers everything from plans to phase out toxic chemicals to electronic waste recycling, and each step sounds more reasonable than the last.

I would post excerpts here, but I don’t think they would do the piece justice.  The entire statement is worth a read.  It made me happy to be an Apple customer.