now with more iPhone goodness

iPhoney screenshotIf you’re browsing the site on an iPhone (insert pretentious comments here), you might notice our new look tailored for that device’s web-browsing experience. (See example screenshot at left.) This is all thanks to the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme, which makes it incredibly simple to add an iPhone-specific theme to the site. And boy does it look purty! Now I just need to customize it a bit so it matches the look and feel of the regular theme.

3 thoughts on “now with more iPhone goodness

  1. Nice. Are you doing any iPhone development these days? I’m thinking of doing a bit, wanted to see if anyone’s braved those waters already.

  2. I toyed with it briefly, but I haven’t really had time to put anything real together. My first app will probably be something hideously complex for work.

  3. The Web has advanced so far! To think that you can get a free (I’m making an assumption) plug-in that makes your site iPod friendly. Just a few years ago, translating a site into another format would have to have been done manually by some high-tech, high-charging guru.

    That’s cool that you can customize the look and feel, too. Keep us posted.


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