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heeding the Marian Call

So yeah. You like good music, right? And you likes you some sci-fi*, right? If so, I need you to do three things:

  1. Watch this. Mostly listen, really, because you’ve seen the visuals before**:
  2. Listen to lots more Marian Call music, and contemplate picking some up on iTunes or your favorite music-purchasing outlet.
  3. Wonder where Marian Call has been all your life, and realize she’ll be at Lestat’s next Wednesday night. If that’s too far away for you, there’s always following her on Twitter and asking her to tour a bit closer. (Not the same, I know.)

So there you go. I don’t ask much, do I?

* but not SyFy, because WTF, right?
** and if you haven’t, we need to talk.

Jonathan Coulton in San Diego tomorrow night

He’s here, so I’m there! Jonathan Coulton will be performing with Paul and Storm on Saturday, May 17th at Lestat’s in Normal Heights. Details (as per usual) are at Eventful.

The show’s at 9pm, and tickets are being sold at the door for an undisclosed sum somewhere around $10. I’ll probably get there around 8:30, or earlier if I find out that Jonathan is sitting at the bar by himself like the last time. (grumble grumble House of Blues grumble.)