Monthly Archives: September 2005

an eventful week

We just launched a complete redesign at work. The site is now called “Eventful”:, and it’s geared toward making event sharing as engaging as possible. (The company is still called EVDB, but I won’t mind if you call it Eventful too. It’s easier to pronounce.) As I posted in a “comment this morning”:

bq. We worked like crazed beavers to get the new site out. Please do check out the new search features, the all-new social networking, and the brand-new levels of privacy on everything from calendars to venues. And the spiffy new sticker for adding events to your blog.

Once you have, please please please “let us know”: what you like (and especially what you don’t). We’re still working like crazed beavers on that next rev…

happy yarrrrr day

Since it’s “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”:, you might enjoy Ben’s first joke:

bq. What does a pirate dog say?

bq. Arrrrrrrf.

Thank you folks, he’s here all week. Now cleanse your palate with something “actually funny”:

Scientist Fiction

Here is the link: The Pentagon’s New Goal: Putting Science into Scripts

Here is Kerrigan’s rant as I could not have said it better myself:

ummmmm… rather than fund education, let’s just make movies and have the kids learn from them instead! because we all know how much accurate science there is in movies – hell, I watched enough ER to get my degree in medical science!

Anyway, that’s not quite the point of the article, ’cause the Pentagon wants the movies to inspire kids to study science and stop the brain drain, but if you inspire them and then refuse to educate them, you haven’t done a whole lot.

the return of penguin lust

Patrick pointed out a New York Times article on “conservatives flocking to March of the Penguins”: because it “affirms traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child rearing”, not to mention (ugh) intelligent design. “Hooey” is the word that comes to mind, mostly because I saw the same film and didn’t feel even a twinge of neocon longing.

Don’t let a few kooky fans get in the way of seeing the film, though. It’s an extraordinary documentary on a fascinating subject, and well worth the price of admission.