Monthly Archives: September 2005

more power! [cackle]

SpaceX, one of the new private space race competitors, has announced the “Falcon 9″: project, a launch vehicle with enough oomph to send big satellites into orbit or supplies up to ISS. Better yet, launches could be as cheap as $20 million each, which puts it smack in the middle of “Space Prize”:/mt/archives/000412.html territory. Go SpaceX!

evolution schmevolution

“Jim Moore”: pointed out that the Daily Show is going to do a whole week entitled “Evolution Schmevolution”: :

bq. For those of you interested in the debate over ID, creationism & evolution, there is a multipart series examining the question coming up next week (12-15th), hosted by Jon Stewart (The Daily Show).

bq. This should be … interesting.

Indeed. I look forward to -downloading it- catching it on Comedy Central.