Scientist Fiction

Here is the link: The Pentagon’s New Goal: Putting Science into Scripts

Here is Kerrigan’s rant as I could not have said it better myself:

ummmmm… rather than fund education, let’s just make movies and have the kids learn from them instead! because we all know how much accurate science there is in movies – hell, I watched enough ER to get my degree in medical science!

Anyway, that’s not quite the point of the article, ’cause the Pentagon wants the movies to inspire kids to study science and stop the brain drain, but if you inspire them and then refuse to educate them, you haven’t done a whole lot.

One thought on “Scientist Fiction

  1. Note as well that this is the Pentagon’s (Army and Air Force) goal, not the NSF or another agency that’s actually interested in science. They’re much less interested in kids learning science and much more interested in recapturing the heyday of American techno-fever, when lots of money was poured into top-secret research projects because they have “scientific merit” and, oh yeah, military application.

    Or perhaps I’m just being cynical again. I’ll go take my pills.

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