the return of penguin lust

Patrick pointed out a New York Times article on “conservatives flocking to March of the Penguins”: because it “affirms traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child rearing”, not to mention (ugh) intelligent design. “Hooey” is the word that comes to mind, mostly because I saw the same film and didn’t feel even a twinge of neocon longing.

Don’t let a few kooky fans get in the way of seeing the film, though. It’s an extraordinary documentary on a fascinating subject, and well worth the price of admission.

3 thoughts on “the return of penguin lust

  1. Ummm… did we see the same movie? I saw a movie about animals that were serially monogamous but chose a new partner every child, shared child care equally between partners (with dad staying home first!), and were quite community-oriented and focused on the common good. I found nothing conservative about it at all, in the political sense. Maybe they’re talking about March of the Presbyterians? Or something.

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  3. What is the definition of the term penguin lust,is their more than one?
    a friend of mine uses this term often, but will not explain what it means.
    please help.

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