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the Global Spin calling card

I recently made a few calling cards for use at the Mars Society convention. I kinda like them, and they come in handy when I want to encourage random people to go to Global Spin:

new and improved(?) calling card

Anyone interested in one of their own? I’d be happy to make up a PDF with your name and address and send you instructions on how to print them.

RPM Challenge

(A kind of unicorn chaser, yes.) If you liked the idea of writing a novel in a month, what do you think of writing, recording, and editing an entire album in a month? Better yet, how about doing it in the shortest month of the year?

The RPM Challenge is to record 35 minutes of new music in 28 days, 10 songs you can burn to a CD and ship off before the end date. Sounds like a lot of fun if you have the time, which I don’t, but I wish I did. (I’ve had some fun noodling around with GarageBand before.)

See also: February Album Writing Month. (The difference? Beats me.)

tales from the mash pit

(Author’s note: Chris Messina implored us to blog about Mash Pit. I didn’t want to just parrot other excellent posts, so here’s my demented version of the event.)

Four thirty. A.M., as in oh-dark-thirty. Ben and Karen will be asleep for another three hours. Uh huh. Why am I up this early? Because I have to leave for the airport in an hour. Uh huh. Why is that again? It takes me a moment to focus, to remember. Oh yes. It’s because I go into berserker paroxysms of geeky hyperactivity whenever the triggerword API is spoken, and I don’t stop until some kind soul utters the safeword.

In this case the fiend is Chris Messina, and the cause of the utterance is Mash Pit. It’s the latest bud from the BarCamp bush, a one-day test to see if meatspace interaction can produce cyberspace results. If successful, a number of Mash Pits would follow, each building on the the code and content of the last. It’s in San Francisco, of course. I’m in San Diego, of course. “It’s not that far,” I think, glossing over the realities of security checkpoints, delays and AirBART. “The flight is barely as long as my old commute to Encinitas.” Uh huh.
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