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nanowrimo update

As you can probably tell from the dearth of new material here, I’ve been a bit busy lately. I’d love to say I’m working on some exciting new project, but the truth is I’ve been sick, traveling, working, or combinations of the above. It has succeeded in making Jack a dull boy, so I’m going to take it a bit easier this November than I originally planned.

That’s right, no NaNoWriMo for me this year. Karen is still participating, and hopefully she’ll take some time to post occasional updates here (nudge nudge). I won’t be completely out of it, though. I’d like to edit a first (and possibly second) draft of my entry from last year and present it here for you to read by November 30th, a kind of NaNoEdMo if you will. We’ll see how that goes.

it begins again

We wrote our first few words for Script Frenzy this evening. Yes, it has begun again with the oh-so-simple-sounding EXT.  ALLEYWAY – NIGHT.

Who knows where it will lead, though? Will our hero find a way to save his girl from certain doom? Will our heroine find a way to let this blockhead know that he’s not a 1960s sci-fi action hero? Will our plucky sidekick get enough good lines to make it a worthwhile part?

Only time will tell. Time and about 19,700 more words.

Word count so far: 346.

RPM Challenge

(A kind of unicorn chaser, yes.) If you liked the idea of writing a novel in a month, what do you think of writing, recording, and editing an entire album in a month? Better yet, how about doing it in the shortest month of the year?

The RPM Challenge is to record 35 minutes of new music in 28 days, 10 songs you can burn to a CD and ship off before the end date. Sounds like a lot of fun if you have the time, which I don’t, but I wish I did. (I’ve had some fun noodling around with GarageBand before.)

See also: February Album Writing Month. (The difference? Beats me.)

Script Frenzy

I can tell you with some certainty that I’m going to write a screenplay in a month this summer.   A novel was fun to write — and yes, you’ll see a draft of it — but a screenplay?  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.  I’ve had scripts running around in my head for years and years, so I can’t possibly pass up a chance to let one of them out.  One crazy time-travel romantic comedy, comin’ up!

nanowrimo day 30 – winner!

Whew!  Just under the wire, too.  The final word of the final chapter was written on the final day, and that word was “mage.”  It’s not as breathtaking as “scar,” perhaps, but I’ll take it.

Unfortunately for Patrick, the space monkeys didn’t make another appearance.  Perhaps they can be added in when the book is being edited.

Chris Won NaNoWriMo!