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BarCamp San Diego this weekend

I’ve been negligent in my event-reporting duties. This weekend (June 2-3) San Diego gets its very own BarCamp, and I’ll be there along with lots of awesome people. Topics so far include programming, photography, yoga, knitting, metal fabrication, and monkeys.  (Yes, the last one is mine.)

If you’re in the San Diego area and have a bit of spare time this weekend, stop on by! You’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Go Team Wales – Day Fifteen

You know those mini tornadoes that you would get in the middle of the street or on the blacktop, in that place where no bushes grew but where the chip bags and twinkie wrappers lay scattered, and the fall wind would come out of nowhere, it seemed, and there would be this inverted cone of dust, leaves, and lightweight trash that rose into the sky and danced, no, moseyed across the playground or down the street and you would just watch and watch, because it was like a magic trick and the blessing of a miracle that was visible from your second-floor fifth-grade classroom was too wonderful not to stare at?
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Go Team Wales – Day Thirteen

*Feeling the heat.*

“Charlotte Lucas has just accepted Mr. Collins,”: and I have just begun the foot of the sock (part two). The days are counting down to the completion of the union of the two (socks), and I am feeling the pressure, though I admit my own happy occasion must be one of more perfect joy than that insensible pair.

Guess what I’ve been listening to?
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