three people who have never been in my kitchen

Watch Deana on Jeopardy!Guess who’s going to be on Jeopardy! this week?

No, not me. I’d choke up like a vegan at a hot-dog eating contest. The Global Spin community is much better represented by Deana, if this 10-second teaser video is any indication.

Deana appears this Friday, June 22nd. Check your local listings, etc, and watch with us. (Seriously, how often is it that I actually recommend watching television?)

UPDATE: An article at GVNow has more details.

4 thoughts on “three people who have never been in my kitchen

  1. How delightfully surreal it was to watch Deana on TV Friday evening. All I’ve ever done is man the phones at a telethon and wave to someone who called and, though I didn’t know them, asked me to wave at them on TV. (Did you wave to me and I missed it?)

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