nanowrimo day 20 – if this goes on

This is the point where blogging isn’t so attractive, so imagine something witty here.  It’s a bit of a slog to get to 35,000 words, which (despite what the little sticker says) is my goal by the end of tomorrow.  Still, I’ve successfully imprisoned both of my main characters, and I think they’ll most likely kill them in the morning.  That must count for something.

NaNoWriMo day 20, 32,547 words

3 thoughts on “nanowrimo day 20 – if this goes on

  1. Yay! I hit my 2000 word mark for the day and, though my eyes are crossing from trying to stay away, I think I used my nouns and verbs in kinda the right order. My heroine is being chased out of town for being weird. Doesn’t that cound for something?

  2. Only the words themselves count for anything. Geoff and Dora have escaped from the parking garage, but now what will they do with the flash drive? Will they prevent it from falling into the wrong hands? Will they find its twin? Will Burronton Industries destroy the world? Dum dum DUN….! Stay tuned, dear readers….

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