Oh, the perversion of muggles

My inner child has had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe since I first saw him interviewed about the Harry Potter movies and he was so nice to a wheelchair-bound kid in the audience (and Rupert Grint definitely WASN’T). Plus, well, glasses just do it for me. As it turns out, I’m not the only one with latent (and rather inappropriate) Harry appreciation. Check out the Harry Potter Legal Age Countdown Clock.

4 thoughts on “Oh, the perversion of muggles

  1. So, do I tell her now or later that my gay-dar goes “ping ping ping” when I see those pictures posted on the blog? Maybe I’ll just let her find out for herself . . .

  2. Surprisingly enough, I think he’s kind of a dork. Kind of attractive, kind of goofy and the more suggestive this page got, the less interesting he seemed. I can see the gaydar thing (the last posed photos on the list were vaguely early-George-Michael)–but really, I’m getting an asexual vibe more than anything. Poor Dan. But interestingly, it made me think he’d be a more interesting person…

    Funny, as soon as the page’s author admitted that she’d not read the books nor seen the movies the whole page was a turn-off entirely! Like it could have been a Russell Crowe site for all I cared.

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