go see Serenity

I rarely ask you to do anything for me, but this time I’m imploring you: go see “Serenity”:http://www.serenitymovie.com/ this weekend. Not later, not on DVD, but this weekend if you can. My motives are selfish: I want someone at SciFi to notice it and say, “Hey, that would make a good TV show.” Better yet, I want Mark Cuban to say, “Hey, that would make a good HDTV-straight-to-DVD/download show.” But that’s probably pushing it.

Just see the movie. I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

2 thoughts on “go see Serenity

  1. It’s earned $10 million as of today! It took $39 million to make . . . I think it’s doing well . . . I hope . . .

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