bush v kerry, revisited

“Today’s Boondocks”:http://www.ucomics.com/boondocks/2005/09/12/ is right on the money. Harsh, but so true.

Is there any hope that voters will actually remember this in 2008? Heck, in 2006?

4 thoughts on “bush v kerry, revisited

  1. Actually, the count has risen to 400 or so today. The county has gotten 25,000 body bags ready just in case. They are expecting a high death toll, unfortunately. And ditto Chris’ links.

  2. The levees broke on Tuesday, August 30th. The feds sent no one until Thursday, September 1st. The people on-site until then were literally helpless. They couldn’t take care of their own at that point and no one was coming to help.

    Not exactly the same scenario, but imagine if when the Twin Towers were struck by planes, no one outside the building had done anything for two days. Imagine if when they fell, the response was delayed that long and representatives of the government claimed, two days later, that they had no idea that the Towers fell and chided a reporter for listening to “rumors”.

    And yes, Bush apologized today. In response to his poll numbers, no doubt.

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