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horrible screaming monkeys

If _The Onion_ hired Emo Phillips and Pee-Wee Herman to do their editorials, then it might turn out something like “Fafblog”: It’s bizarre at first, but once you get past the odd characters and grammatic white noise the cutting political humor emerges, like the “young lady becoming the old lady”: Or something.
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Tales of Future Past

Please excuse me if this is a duplicate, but I honestly don’t remember where I found out about it. (If it was you, let me know and I’ll update this entry.) Anyhoo, “Tales of Future Past”: is a cheeky site with lots of pictures and text from old sci-fi magazines, books, shows, and articles, with commentary from our post-ironic perspective.

Reading, anyone?

I’m being obnoxious because with the release of my dad’s new book, “Raised Christian Style: The Story of Betty” (the title is ironic – this is the story of a girl who was abused until she became a murderous psychopath and of the state teacher who helped her recover – based on true events), I am very proud of him.

While searching for a good link to the book to put above (which I didn’t find, but see below), I stumbled upon my dad’s blog (!!). Who knew? He turns 70 this month and is right there with the technology. Go Dad!

Finally, because I realized suddenly that many people I know personally are published authors (yay!), I decided to create an “Listmania!” list about it. If you can think of authors I know but don’t know I know or forgot about or something, let me know. Um, yeah….

Hotels in space, on the cheap


_(written on the board 50 times)_
I will not make predictions about space tourism.
I will not make predictions about space tourism.
I will not make predictions about space tourism.