horrible screaming monkeys

If _The Onion_ hired Emo Phillips and Pee-Wee Herman to do their editorials, then it might turn out something like “Fafblog”:http://fafblog.blogspot.com/. It’s bizarre at first, but once you get past the odd characters and grammatic white noise the cutting political humor emerges, like the “young lady becoming the old lady”:http://www.coolopticalillusions.com/young_lady_old_lady.htm. Or something.

My favorite so far is from their interview with Ralph Nader:

_FB: Now Howard Dean has criticized you for takin money from a Republican corporate lobbyist._
_NADER: Howard Dean was an insurgent, now he’s a detergent!_
_FB: Hohoho! I don’t get that one._
_NADER: Listen: it’s all very simple. When Democrats take dirty corporate money from dirty corporations, it taints them irrevocably. When I take money from the same corporations, I eat it and then excrete it in the form of pure white energy which then is added to my aura of holy goodness which I will than use to fight those corporations._
_FB: Wow! That’s amazing!_

Oh, and the optical illusion reference is because I found “a new, disturbing illusion”:http://backwardscity.blogspot.com/2004/07/our-brains-dont-work.html today. Mind-altering, man…