Monthly Archives: March 2004

My Girlfriend Can Totally Beat Up Your Girlfriend

Not sure why I’m posting a link to the Glarkware site, only that it seems really fun and alternative and snarky and they have tee-shirts that say things like the above and “Seventies Sci-Fi Was All About Hexagons” and stuff.

Plus we haven’t had a “shopping” entry in a while, have we?

BTW, I found it from Television Without Pity which is all about making fun of the current crop of popular shows and is therefore my new addiction.

Where low tech = revolutionary

Mohammed Bah Abba, an engineer and consultant for the UN, has developed a very interesting refrigerator for people without electricity. His invention, the pot-in-pot, is simple to the point of being revolutionary. I’d love to put one of these together just to see what kind of temperature gradient it can produce in hot weather. It wouldn’t work so well in San Diego (not hot enough and too humid), but I bet Las Vegas or another Mojave city would be a good testing ground…

It’s good to have allies

Since many folks seem surprised when I tell them about the Bush adminstration’s latest problems with Medicare, jobs, WMD, mercury, and a host of other issues, I figured a link to the House Committee on Government Reform Minority Office was in order.

That’s a mouthful, but basically it’s an inside-the-beltway watchdog group investigating, among other things, the Administration’s duplicitous statements about public policy. (i.e. the aforementioned Lies and Lying Liars.)