Where low tech = revolutionary

Mohammed Bah Abba, an engineer and consultant for the UN, has developed a very interesting refrigerator for people without electricity. His invention, the pot-in-pot, is simple to the point of being revolutionary. I’d love to put one of these together just to see what kind of temperature gradient it can produce in hot weather. It wouldn’t work so well in San Diego (not hot enough and too humid), but I bet Las Vegas or another Mojave city would be a good testing ground…

3 thoughts on “Where low tech = revolutionary

  1. What a fabulous concept! I’d love to try this out, maybe at my grandma’s house in Barstow or out east of here. (Maybe a pot-in-pot fridge and a solar oven for a weekend campout?) It’s so neat that a simple thermodynamic concept can make such a difference when applied in a low-tech, readily-usable way. This makes me very happy. :) I’m surprised that no one had ever thought of it before, though.

  2. Other inventions on the same site are also very interesting. I haven’t made up my mind about the flash-heavy presentation though. Would be good on a big screen in a classroom, I think.

  3. We are actually installing two of the SIS frost machines this spring on one of our ranches!

    How cool is that?!?

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