Monthly Archives: February 2004

Howard Dean, Person

I just read this and thought you might find it interesting:

Howard Dean is not a soap bar

“The man is interesting, like him or not, and that’s a rarity in US politics where candidates are as exciting as toothpaste or underarm deodorant, because that’s exactly how they want us to view them, as products, not people. Enter Howard Dean, person.”

No Sweat

From my dear old dad:

“Reading the Jim Hightower book I was directed to this site. Check it out. I intend to patronize it. Thought it might be of interest to your college students.”

He also thought it might be of interest to my “liberal friends.” What do you think, guys? Are we into sweat shop alternatives that actually PAY people?

Go Grand Haven Kids!

This is very long, but it rocks. It completely rocks. Here I am in conservative Western Michigan and today’s paper has this letter in it, written by students in Grand Haven High School’s World Religions class. I didn’t see the letter they’re responding to, but this is so clear and bold and confident. I hope I get some of these brave kids in my classes.
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