2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Car Salesman

  1. Kind of creepy. The author’s a thoughtful guy, and it’s so good to know how this process works. But his transformation is eerie, the practices he writes about are creepy. The whole thing is old-fashioned haggling, but with glamour-dust thrown over it; you get the feeling that people come away as from fairyland, with loads of unregarded time having passed and your life absolutely changed–thousands of dollars poorer… and you aren’t sure what happened.

    I’m thinking the online deals may be the way to go…

  2. Here’s a page on buying a new car utilizing some of the resources and techniques availed us by the Internet:


    There’s also a link in the article to a much more detailed page on haggling the old fashioned way and coming away in good shape, if you’re into psychological games and would like to do that just for sport.

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