Monthly Archives: October 2003

Hardwired (and this could be a double entendre)

More and more evidence is mounting (sorry, there’s another double entendre) that our sexuality and gender identities are neurologically based and certainly not just lifestyle “preferences.” UCLA has done a study focusing on this, and their researcher Eric Vilain says, “Our research implies that genes account for some of the differences in male and female brains. It’s quite possible that sexual identity and physical attraction is ‘hard-wired’ by the brain. If we accept this concept, we must dismiss the myth that homosexuality is a ‘choice’ and examine our civil legal system accordingly.”

Be sure to read the whole article for some interesting things on differences in startle responses in gay and straight people.

P.S. Just found the link to this latter study.

An off topic

The strangest thought occurred to me today. If your descendants held a convention (with you as the topic) in your town this year, would you go? What do you think they’d talk about?

UPD: Apparently, posting from a hiptop impairs my spelling ability. Fixed the typo.