An off topic

The strangest thought occurred to me today. If your descendants held a convention (with you as the topic) in your town this year, would you go? What do you think they’d talk about?

UPD: Apparently, posting from a hiptop impairs my spelling ability. Fixed the typo.

4 thoughts on “An off topic

  1. I have absolutely no idea. I have no problems with the way I’ve lived my life thus far, but I can’t begin to predict what the future will hold. As Whitney Houston says, “I believe the children are our future.” I expect whatever definition of ‘me’ that exists now to be almost completely overwritten with a definition of ‘me’ as husband and father. I know it sounds silly, but getting a puppy has shown me that fatherhood will change me, and only for the better. Without making my (figurative) mark on my children, why would my (currently nonexistent) descendants even want to talk about me?

  2. Oh, I had figured that a descandant was an incandescent descendant. Kind of glowy. I would attend the meeting. You know how I like attention. They’d probably meet to discuss why there were so few of them. Then we’d all get some Diet Cokes and go walking by the lake. Something like that.

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