The Journey Starts

This will make sense to no one, but so far the drive to Michigan includes lots of lightning, elk warnings, alternate air conditioning (on then off) and the “Hey young ladies. Beautiful evening.” scary guy at Denny’s.

This is the desert, near Yuma:

And this is us, finally at the Fairfield Inn in Flagstaff:

Exciting stuff! We’ll keep you posted…

I moved the images to the server and reduced their file size. ~chris

2 thoughts on “The Journey Starts

  1. How to be stupid:

    1. see photo with large file size
    2. make optimized copy, call it photo-2
    3. replace photo with optimized copy
    4. forget that optimized copy is still called photo-2
    5. go on merry way

    The optimized photos are back. Sorry about that! I really did optimize them, they were 160K before and they’re more like 15K now. Really. I swear.

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