The Journey Explain’d

Just to bring everyone up to speed:

Deana is moving to Michigan this week. She starts her new job as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology (yay!) at Grand Valley State University this fall.

Karen is helping Deana drive to Michigan by way of Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Cheyenne, mumble mumble Nebraska something, and Chicago. They have a pair of digital cameras and a laptop, so they’re armed and dangerous.

4 thoughts on “The Journey Explain’d

  1. Omaha! Where’s the blasted Global Spin server? You could at least include a link! :-)

    Deana, vortexy and energy massaged

  2. Hilariously, I found this old post at the bottom of the page while…looking for an upload link. Can’t help it. I switched browsers and don’t have it bookmarked.It’s still not here.

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